Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Proprioceptive Symptoms

The proprioceptive system is the widest system of our body. It goes from the feet up to the head. In terms of depth, it comes from the skin up to the digestive tract. Proprioceptive receptors can even be found in the tongue and mucosae.
This allows us to understand why this system can show several symptoms among several parts of the body whenever it becomes dysfunctional.
Also, the parts involved are the weaker parts of our body. This is why the symptoms are not exactly the same in every person. However, the origin is similar and that is why symptoms that are quite different such as dizziness, pain or cognitive dysfunctions disappear when submitted to a standard treatment.
To eliminate the symptoms, we only need to correct the proprioceptive system's dysfunction.
In long-term and severe dysfunctions, extra help reveals itself to be necessary.

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