Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drugs, Dyslexia, Hiperactivity, Depression

Metilfenidatum is the drug usually used to treat dyslexia's associated symptoms such as hyperactivity, depression, and attention deficit.
This drug belongs to the AMPHETAMINE GROUP.
Doctors who are prescribing these drugs, usually declare they don´t know the exact cause and physical mechanism of those associated symptoms.
Are they treating a disease or just hiding some symptoms with drugs?
Drugs may affect some entries of the proprioceptive system and they can modify its working mode. Some muscle-relaxing drugs and some vasodilator drugs can be effective. However, their effectiveness is limited in both time and intensity.
We consider that the correct way of treatment is to eliminate the proprioceptive dysfunction that is at the origin of those symptoms.
This kind of treatment is drug free.

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