Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning Disability II

If an intelligent child can't learn because his perception is blocked by the proprioceptive system what should be the most correct thing to do?
Insisting in learning techniques and prescribing drugs? Or unblocking his perception by correcting the proprioceptive system?
Our strategy consists in correcting the proprioceptive system first. After this, learning techniques have the opportunity to be fully effective. At this point, we are only using them in severe cases as a supplement and to reinforce our results.
Results are obtained short-term, which is a great advantage when comparing to the classical methods. Our patients are happy because they start succeeding in school faster and in a sustainable way and our therapists are happy as well because they finally obtain higher rates of success. This leaves more time to control their patients' clinical evolution and opens the possibility to treat much more patients.
Again, we emphasise that we must start the treatment by correcting the proprioceptive system. Otherwise, the learning techniques could be a loss of time and money.
We consider that proprioceptive system management is the correct way to improve learning in learning disability situations.

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