Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Real Story

Maria is feelling dizzy. It is coming again ,she thought .But now, she knows how to solve the problem. She goes to an optician to check her glasses. The answer is , everytinh is OK...
She decided to visit an eye doctor and the answer is, everything is OK.
A generalist doctor did a complete examination and the answer is , everything is OK.
He advised her to visit a psychiatrist. She insisted the only thing she is needing is to check her prisms prescribed by a doctor in her country 3 years ago.
You must see urgently a psychiatrist because you are very stressed, the doctor said...
Frightened,Maria took the first flight to her country and she goes directly to her optician shop. Your glasses are distorted and your prismes are not working properly the optician said, let me fix it.
The optician used the spetial technique for active prisms and Maria doesn´t feel dizzy anymore.
This kind of situations is very often because many professionnals have no idea about the relationship between active prisms and dizziness,they have no idea about what active prisms are, because they just know passive prisms.They don´t know there are specific rules to put them in the frames and for what those frames must be prepared specificly.
These leads to an unnecessary suffering and a waste of money.
A hard and long way must be done...-