Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dyslexia: The Key for Treatment

The key for treatment of dyslexia is deep knowledge of proprioceptive system management.

This knowledge includes the recognition of proprioceptive symptoms, the diagnosis of the proprioceptive dysfunctions and the management techniques of the proprioceptive system.

Active prisms can unblock the brain by using the proprioceptive system, thus allowing the dyslexic to read and write properly and accurately. Brain mapping has shown the kind of modifications that active prisms can induce in the brain.

For some functions, it is required some maturation time.

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Lisbon School Techniques - Head by O. Alves da Silva M.D. Eye Surgeon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Concept of Cure

We consider that dyslexia is cured when the dyslexic person can read as fluently as a regular person. In case there is a new agression to the proprioceptive system, reading difficulties can reappear.

To mantain the results, we must protect dyslexic people from proprioceptive agressions at all times. This means the dyslexic needs to inform his/her brain about keeping a proper body position constantly.

This doesn't mean dyslexics must keep a correct body position everytime. What it means is the dyslexic must keep the level of proprioceptive agression below his/her level of resistance to the agression. Prisms are necessary until correct body perception is achieved and there isn't a time limit for its use.

Our concept of cure is also accurate for every symptom of PDS, including muscular pain and vertigo.