Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vertigo and Unbalance

In a situation of vertigo or unbalance, we must verify if there is any problem with the inner ear or with the cerebellum. This is definitely important but it is not all.
There are many cases where both inner ear and cerebellum are in good conditions but vertigo and unbalance persist.
For a better understanding of these situations, we must consider the proprioceptive system dysfunction as a cause of vertigo and unbalance. In this case, the elimination of the proprioceptive dysfunction leads to the elimination of vertigo and unbalance.
Otherwise, we are forced to use drugs for which the target is not the disease but the symptom.
In the standing position, there are hundreds of information coming from the proprioceptive captors that contribute for that body position (neuromuscular spindles, baroreceptors, tendinous receivers, etc.). The proprioceptive system may become dysfunctional and the solution for treating vertigo and unbalance is to reestablish its normal function.


Anonymous said...

O meu filho (9 anos ) é o exemplo notável, que os prismas de facto curam as vertigens.Ele esta a usar bem os oculos(após alguma rejeição no inicio)e desde essa altura nunca mais teve queixas de vertigens.O Dr. deve lembrar- se dele.Muito Obrigado, por ter feito o meu filho novamente FELIZ !!!

O. Alves Da Silva M.D. said...

You are saying your son has no more vertigo after my proprioceptive treatment.This is what we are observing in our practice during the last 30 years. I'm happy for your son, congratulations
O.Alves da Silva M.D.