Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Bit of Science

Dyslexia is usually seen as a disease. It would be a disease if it had its origin in a specific organic characteristic or in a cromossomic disturbance. Authors refer many origins concerning dyslexia and each one refers a different origin. What we are talking about is very clear. In every pathology, there is often two part. One is the biological condition of each person and the other is the agent which produces the disease or the symptom. In DYSLEXIA, we are looking at the research about the origin of dyslexia as just a way to search for the predisponent factors.
The origin is a PROPRIOCEPTIVE DYSFUNCTION. The factors referred by different authors are factors which can't be changed. However, if we change the proprioceptive system, dyslexic people can become normal readers.
The facts that we have come across with do not allow researchers to withdraw the conclusions they have been referring to until now.
They must recognize they are searching for predisponent factors and not for causal factors.
Our technique can eliminate the causal factors of dyslexia by managing the proprioceptive system.

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