Saturday, February 7, 2009

How To Lay Down

The position in bed is very important for a good proprioceptive treatment. Pillows must be eliminated but the body position must be adapted in order to equalize the tonus of the skeletal muscles. This technique makes part of the postural reprogramming according to its author MD Martins da Cunha, H.
In this position, sleep is good, nightmares disappear and people don't wake up tired. The quality of the mattress is also important for a correct body position. It must be slightly smooth on the surface and very hard inside. There are two types of correct body position for sleeping. 


Unknown said...

if the patient tell us that they need to sleep with a pillow is better that we reduce it step by step or remowe it totally? thanks Carlo Perissinotto Treviso Italy

O. Alves Da Silva M.D. said...

Totally is better but the correct position must be checked. In the correct position patient feells goog.
O.Alves da Silva