Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dyslexia: Boys and Girls

If we decided to review what has been written on dyslexia throughout time, we would verify that dyslexia would be a male disease. However, after being a predominantly male disease, dyslexic females nowadays are approaching the number of male dyslexics. How can we explain this evolution? Organic theories can't explain this fact, surely...

Human evolution can't explain this at all because we are only considering a short period of time from the moment dyslexia was first diagnosed, close to a century ago or a little more.

What has changed dramatically in a period of a generation, affecting both boys and girls at the same time, is the proprioceptive aggression. And this fact is the origin of dyslexia. This is, in our opinion, a guideline to understanding DYSLEXIA, how to treat it and why some methods are working and some are not.

We think it is time to separate the origin from predisponent factors. Anyone can have predisponent factors for a specific disease, i.e. influenza or pneumonia . It would be nonsense to say influenza is a genetic disease... However, many authors are saying DYSLEXIA is genetic! What we can integrate are some predisponent factors but not Dyslexia. Whenever we detect a child in risk to become dyslexic through the study of his/her proprioceptive aggression level, we can reverse this level and this child will never be a dyslexic. We have done it in several occasions. We have never seen a dyslexic without a high proprioceptive aggression level in the last 30 years of our experience in treating dyslexics.

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