Monday, December 1, 2008

How to Treat Functional and Chronic Pain

There is a kind of pain that is very common. It is a pain where there is no strong evidence of being related to organic lesions. However, this pain is persistent... Backpain, chestpain, plantar pain, sciatic pain during pregnancy... The most common solution for these situations is to prescribe analgesic drugs for long periods of time.


This kind of pain has a comprehensible reason. It's due to faulty brain information. THE BRAIN IS RECEIVING THE INFORMATION THAT THE MUSCLES ARE TOO RELAXED. Assuming this information as correct, it sends the order to contract the muscle, hence causing the pain.

The solution is to correct the proprioceptive information. By doing so, the brain acknowledges the real tonus of each muscle and sends the output to relax. As a consequence, pain diappears in a few minutes. Proprioceptive management techniques are required even in cases of painfull torticolis.

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