Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dyslexia: to cure or not to cure, that is the question!

To cure an organic disease means to eliminate the pathogenic agent and its consequences. But what does curing mean when it comes to dysfunctional diseases?

The origin of dyslexia is a proprioceptive system dysfunction. In this case, the concepts of cure must be approached differently. We consider that there is a cure whenever the reading function and other associated symptoms become normal. This means the dysfunction may return whenever conditions for a recidivist are created again, but not before. The solution to maintain results is to avoid aggressions to the proprioceptive system. There are precise rules for this. We are teaching those rules.

It is a matter of fact that professionals who do not correct the proprioceptive system can't cure dyslexia. They can only hide or compensate some symptoms. Never cure. This is why they are very skeptical about curing dyslexia.

Some people say it is good to be dyslexic because many dyslexics have an inventive spirit... We say it's better to not suffer and have a normal lifestyle. Dyslexics ARE suffering and we can help them.

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