Friday, August 15, 2008

Correcting Proprioception Using Appropriate Shoes

If you pass a sheet of paper under your shoes (direction toes-heel), the sheet usually reaches more than a quarter of your foot length, revealing your shoe has a sort of a boat shape to it. However, your bare foot does not have the shape of a boat. There is no reason to transform your perfectly-shaped feet into boat-shaped ones. Boat-shaped feet only favor a running situation but it is not suitable for standing, walking or sitting situations.

The big toe is the guide tool for both walking and standing positions. The consequences for such a functional amputation results in a high price for human health. It induces backpain, unbalance and other painful symptoms. That is the reason why all specialists in posturology need to modify their patients' foot support as a way of treatment. They also should take into consideration that women's footwear is usual worse than men's footwear, which is one of the reasons why backpain is much more frequent in women. We have developed a special type of shoes to address this issue.


carlo perissinotto said...

Hi Alves, i am not able to find ( in this site )the correct tipe of shoes you are talking about. I am sending my Patients to a very good podologist who makes individual proprioceptive soles.

O. Alves Da Silva M.D. said...

The shoes we conceived are shoes conceived to respect the correct feet standing and walking position.They are not orthopedic shoes.They respect phisiological function of the hallux toe as first step.You will have the opportunity to see this model on your arrival to Lisbon next month.