Sunday, August 10, 2008

Depression and Non-Psychiatric Depression

Depression is currently taken as a psychiatric disease without exceptions. In our practice, we have detected many cases of depression previously treated by psychiatrics with depressive drugs for several years without success.

Patients with this kind of suffering usually complain about several associated symptoms such as neck and back pain, unbalance, tiredness, lack of concentration and frequent falls. The objective examination can arise to a diagnosis of Postural Deficiency Syndrome (PDS). After prescribing our treatment for PDS, every symptom disappears including depression. Our prescription, unlike others, does not include anti-depressive drugs but only active prisms and body correction (Postural Reprogramming according to MD Martins da Cunha's Techniques).

However, we must emphasize that psychiatric depression cannot be cured using our techniques. We consider to be important to identify these two kinds of depression in order to prescribe the correct treatment for each one.

Depression can lead to severe incapacity. Detecting its origin early and starting its treatment as soon as possible is of great value for people suffering from it.

Results are achieved very rapidly for the non-psychiatric depression since it is just a symptom of PDS. If this kind of depression is not identified at any point, then patients will be treated as psychiatric patients for a long period of time without any hint of success. Drugs can control the symptoms but they will not eliminate the cause or cure the patient.

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