Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What We Can Do for Dyslexics

Writing of an 11-year old girl suffering from dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dysorthography.

The same patient 4 months after our proprioceptive treatment.

Brain Mapping of a Dyslexic Child.
We can observe a very high absolute power in DELTA FREQUENCIES.

The same patient 5 minutes after using active prisms while in correct sitting position.


Handwork of a Dyslexic child.
This reveals high difficulty in acknowledging egocentric space localization (Left and right, forward and backward)

The same patient after proprioceptive treatment.
(No difficulties in recognizing space localization)


Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. I was indicated by Antonio Branco and my son was today in your office. Luckily I found you and after almost 6 years searching for a cause for my son's complains, I finally found someone who understood him and can help him to recover his "balance". His eye disturbe, were just the sign of so many complains he has and that I couldnt understand, but reading your analysis and studies I can understand him now. Thank you so much. I will spread your name and your work wherever I can. Congratlations and thank you. Antonio Pedro Tavares e Margarida Rijo

Dulce Ribeiro said...

Dear Prof. Orlando Alves da Silva, though I am portuguese I will write this comment in english to better spread your name and your work throughout the world. My 7 year old son Mois├ęs started your treatment 2 days ago. His back pain stopped, he is stabilized, much more confident and happy. After so many specialists you were the only one that really looked at and after him.There aren't enough words to thank you.Dulce Ribeiro.