Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Correct Standing Position

Some attendees to the San Diego Seminar are asking whether correct standing position is similar for every person or not. Also, they want to know how to assess the short leg situation through a postural point of view.

The situation is as follows:

Both legs are symmetrical concerning the medial plan but opposite concerning the antero-posterior body gravity centre. When we put the right leg behind the shoulders, the gravity centre moves forwards. Also, when we put the left leg behind the shoulders, the gravity centre moves backwards. In case of PDS, the body gravity centre is displaced backwards. In order to correct this anomaly, we must put the right leg slightly behind. This is similar for every person. This is true for usual standing position on a flat surface.

However, when you bend the leg, i.e. to use the stairs, the opposite is true. When people put their right foot on the stairs, the centre of gravity moves forwards. But when people put their left foot on the stairs, the shoulder and the body gravity centre moves backwards.

The majority of short legs are not actual short legs, they are the consequence of asymmetrical muscular tonus. It is a mistake to put a single compensation insole under the short leg because it increases the pression on this limb and enhances the muscle tonus's asymmetry.

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