Thursday, June 12, 2008

A NEW Treatment for DYSLEXIA and Other Proprioceptive Dysfunctions

There are several types of treatment which must be used concurrently.

1- Active Prisms, which must be prescribed specifically for each case according to precise rules

2- Postural Reprogramming, following MD Martins da Cunha's Techniques

3- Specific proprioceptive infrared insoles

4- Ergonomization Techniques

5- Cognitive training

The aim of the first 3 methods is to correct the proprioceptive system. Its dysfunction is on the origin of dyslexia and of many other symptoms like unbalance and muscle pain.

The aim of the fourth method is to sustain the results. Wrong posture produces proprioceptive dysfunctions.

The aim of the fifth method is to stimulate the affected brain areas.

In conclusion, for an effective treatment we need to correct the proprioceptive system, rehabilitate the affected areas and avoid proprioceptive aggressions in the future.

We emphazise that in the majority of the cases we don't need cognitive training. However, the others 4 items must be observed. The proprioceptive correction is made at home by the children under parent's supervision. Every symptom disappear with this treatment and not just dyslexia. Chronic tiredness, hyperactivity and lack of attention are part of the associated symptoms.

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