Sunday, February 25, 2018

Vertical Heterophoria  versus Vertical Heterolocalization

Some authors are linking headache, neck pain, dizziness , imbalance and other symptoms to vertical heterophoria .This Vertical Heterophoria would be the cause of these kind of symptoms.
So, the treatment would be to correct this so called Vertical Heterophoria by the necessary prisms to correct it.
The first thing to know is that in theses cases what they are observing is vertical heterolocalization for far but if they do the appropriated tests they will observe horizontal heterolocalization for near as well.
In reality it is not an heterophoria because there is not any movement of refixation at the cover test.
Otherwise all the symptoms and the heterolocalization vertical and horizontal are both consequences of proprioceptive dysfunction.

So the treatment for those symptoms is not prisms for vertical heterophoria but ACTIVE PRISMS for correcting PROPRIOCEPTION. Vertical prisms may be harmful because they stimulate at same time  in- rotatory eye muscles and out-rotatory eye muscles . This may produce a proprioceptive conflict and produce serious symptoms.

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