Saturday, November 21, 2009


PDS Symptoms are the direct consequency of a dysfunction of the proprioceptive system.

Symptoms are multiple because proprioceptive system is one of the widest systems of our body.

We can identify 7 main kinds of symptoms:

1- Muscular Pain

This includes headhache,migraine,neckpain,chestpain,spinepaine,limbspain,sciática (due to compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriforme muscle)


This includes, vertigo,dizziness, disequilibrium

3-Neurovascular Symptoms

This includes, palenesse of the face, cold but sweated hands even in Summer, Reynaud Syndrome.

4-Sensorial dysfunctions

This includes, perception deafness,auditive retarded perception (people need more time than usual,to understand what speakers are saying in spite of a good auditive acuity),footplantar sensation of pain but without lesion, skinhyperalgia, false sensation of rear mouvement in stopped cars.

5-Neuropsychic symptoms

This Includes agorofobia,claustrofobia, orientation difficulties,tiredness,depression non responding to antidepressive drugs,Anxiety.

6-Learning dificulties

This Includes dyslexia,disortography,disgraphy, lack of attention,hyperactivity.

7-Wrong perception of the body and space

This includes innermouth biting, unexplained falls down, collision against tables,chairs doors and others objects.

There are also digestive symptoms (nausea,vomits,alternating obstipation and diarrea)

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