Saturday, August 8, 2009

Active Prisms

There is a slow neurological system that is proprioception-based. It mainly receives information from the body but it also receives some information from the outside. The latter includes spatial visual information. The inside and outside information included in this system make a whole.
This system controls many functions in our body and when it is dysfunctional, patients show several symptoms like pain, imbalance and cognitive dysfunctions among others (see PDS Symptoms).
This system can be managed by modifying the information at the point of entry.
Prisms modify the spatial visual information and, through this, they can modify the functions of this neurological system. We have the know-how to modify the spatial visual information in the right way and to reestablish the correct functions of this system. Consequently, the symptoms disappear.
Prisms correct not only the distorted spatial information (before treatment, patients usually have some domestic accidents involving wrongly-localised chairs, tables and doors) but also many others symptoms of PDS.

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