Saturday, May 10, 2008

O. Alves da Silva, MD Biography

Pioneer In Opthalmologic Proprioception since 1977 with H. Martins da Cunha, MD, who first published the Postural deficiency Syndrome (PDS) in 1979.

O. Alves da Silva developed the method to prescribe ACTIVE PRISMS and influence the brain proprioceptive centers and output.

He also developed postural reprogramming techniques, cognitive training and ergonomics, which combined with active prims successfully cure proprioceptive dysfunctions associated with certain types of dyslexia, vertigo and muscular pain symptoms.

Since 1977, Alves da Silva has successfully treated approximately 30,000 cases of dyslexia, vertigo and muscular pain.


Medical Doctor (1971) Eye Surgeon (1976)

Head of the Strabismus Department (1977-2005) of Santa Maria University Hospital - LISBON - PORTUGAL.Professor of Ocular Motricity at School of Orthoptics- Lisbon.

Director of Posturmed Clinic.

President and Founder of the Portuguese Association of Clinical Posturology and Dyslexia.

Founder and First President of the Portuguese Group of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

Guest speaker at several scientific international meetings on Proprioception.
Visitor Professor at Bologna University- Italy at the Master of Proprioception
Visitor Professor at Philippus University - Madrd- Spain at the Master of Proprioception
 Jury Member at Bourgogne University -France for the Master on Proprioception